The ONYX Black Male Collective


The ONYX Black Male Collective is a program designed by select Black faculty, staff--and most especially Fresno State Black male students themselves--and led by Dr. T. Hasan Johnson! The program develops uniquely designed areas specific to Black male students at Fresno State such as: student leadership development, community outreach, job preparation, on/off-campus career mentoring internship opportunities, socio-cultural advocacy, incident advocation (in disciplinary contexts), and administrative consultation in regard to on-campus policy development and its impact on Black students.


The organization relies on an African-centered methodological approach that presupposes that for any service designed to help a designated group of people of African descent, the group in question must be agents in their own social transformation.  It also presupposes that as many Black male students are first-generation college students (or come from families with an incomplete college experience—e.g. non-degreed), it is necessary to address feelings of isolation and unfamiliarity with brotherhood via peer-mentoring.  Furthermore, this project assumes that community service will help highlight the need for students to complete their education and give back to their communities. Thus, hands on, close proximity work and mentoring with high school student Black males, as well as various community service programs, will help students understand that they are a part of a community rather than a collection of individuals, which is consistent with retained African cultural practices.